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Jeffrey Mathis 2/11/2020
Great car buying experience

Cheryl Thacker 2/11/2020
We've bought two cars there in the past several months. Fun experience! Honest about the cars' flaws. Have been well-pleased with our purchases. Would definitely go back or recommend...

David Parrott 2/11/2020
My son and my daughter have both purchased cars from Cheap Cars. I recently accompanied my daughter when she purchased hers. The guys there are a pleasure to work with. The cars they sell there may have higher miles and a bit of rust (hence the name, Cheap Cars), but they really seem to care that their cars are in good working order and are dependable. So as a father of cash-strapped kids, I will tell you that your kids can shop with confidence at Cheap Cars.

Katrina Cordell 1/27/2020
I bought my 2011 Dodge Journey from them in February of 2018 and I had the most wonderful experience here. Both the guys we talked to were so personable and they stayed open a little bit past closing time for me to get the car checked by my mechanic. When we decided on buying the car it was super quick and easy to finalize everything and they were very thoughtful when I asked for extra information and some cost off of the car because it needed tires. Great experience with this place and would highly recommend!

Paul Alderman 1/7/2020
They live up to their name.

Minji Cho 7/24/2019
I sold my car to them yesterday. The dealer was amazing and he gave me a very good price on the car. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

3 Spooky 5 Me 6/7/2019
Fantastic people that stand behind their cars! The day after I purchased my grand prix from them, the check engine light came on because of some random misfires. I called them and they told me to bring to where they do their inspections. In the end, it needed a whole new engine, however they took care of it and put one in with less miles without being asked! Not your typical used car dealer, these are people that actually care about the cars that they sell you. Can't thank them enough!

Justin 12/15/2014
Thanks for the great car, and making it so easy.....just like dave ramsey says "cheap cars rule"

rachel 1/16/2014
I purchased my first car from cheap cars. it helped to know how good the car was with repairs and car fax history. thanks for making it easy.

We bought 2 cars from the guys at CHEAP CARS..They are great and so was the cars...CHEAP CHEAP

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